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Ashurst Art Prize Talk (Guest Speaker)
October 10th, 2018
London, UK

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Public. Factory (Gallery)
Body and Bathworks Exhibition and performance
December 2015 –January 2016
New York, NY

Time Lapse of performance at Soho Grand Hotel; Public Factory. Exhibit – "Body and Bathworks"

Akiyoshidai International Art Village (Gallery)
Yuとme夢 Exhibition (alongside work in progress)
July-August 13, 2015
Yamaguchi, Japan.


Perennial Breath: A Tapestry of Faces – Continued in Japan.


SEMINAR: After Graduation and Entering the Photography Industry
May 13, 2015
New York, NY


Gallery Sensei
Being Exhibit –Loreal Prystaj (Solo Exhibit)
February 2015
Manhattan, New York

“An artist that particularly caught my attention was Loreal Prystaj. Her work on display was a dramatic black and white photograph with a gorgeous composition. This piece showed the back of a woman, gazing out into the horizon of a vast body of water.”
“…This piece intrigued me, and I later discovered more of Loreal’s work, which turned out to be stunning. Way to go Loreal. Hopefully she’ll have a solo show soon. She certainly deserves it, and will surely captivate a large overcrowded gallery at that opening.”

HUE Magazine

Image City Photography Gallery
Rochester,  New York


“Quite Brilliance” from Inner Child"

Loreal’s outstanding portfolio on the theme of“child” within a body that continues to age. All of her images display a dramatic and extraordinary use of light, and this is creatively apparent in Quiet Brilliance. Here, the masterly use of back-lighting gives heightened visual drama, as we witness a young girl, facing away from the camera, and seated at a desk, with her arms resting comfortably on the wooden top, whilst her feet are raised so that only the toes touch the glistening floorboards. The exquisite illumination casts a partial shadow on the floor, and we are very cognizant of a small-lit table lamp and a glowing circular container at the left-hand side of the desk. Like in the other images in this portfolio, the artist is asking every viewer, including herself, to explore the concept of timelessness, from childhood to adulthood, looking into the darkness and light that can be found in each individual. Certainly, everyone’s situation in life is different, depending on parameters such as where we live in the world, family, health, financial constraints, etc, just to highlight a few. Also obviously, the paths our lives take are mostly unpredictable, no one can predict the future with any assurance, but we do know that we must always be aware of the world around us, together with the societal impact that we all face. What is clearly evident to me in the memorable print, is that in this current, non-stop, fast-paced era, the young girl is able to sit in a quiet, undisturbed area, and peacefully, but objectively, reflect on her past , her current situation, and the future. She can draw on the experiences that she has of her childhood, understanding that her adult expectations are largely limited to her interfaces with her family, other “grown-ups,” and what she has read, and of her interactions with television and the electronic media. The dichotomy that she faces lies between ambitious goals and reality. Hopefully, she will set both realistic goals which are heavily weighted by her current situation, together with some futuristic aspirations, both of which may change with the passage of time. I believe that previous generations were largely unable to set meaningful objectives, and I think that this is still true today, due to a rapidly changing world in an era of proliferating technological complexities. Yet in spite of what I have just said, I hope that every viewer of this sublime image, will, like the young girl, find a quiet moment to overcome constraints, and plan a realistic path to a happy, long life.

DAZE Magazine

Goodlife Magazine                                                


Uplifted by Loreal Prystaj

Michael Leroy


A personality as bold as the work itself, Loreal has a gravity of her own. I contacted her about living in a different plane and sharing her Self portrait Nudes, Especially with the “being” series!

Reality is perception, and my perception of the world around me becomes reality through my photographs. I find myself seeing illusions in my head, that when I pick up a camera the world around me disappears, and I am able to create my thoughts and ideas into reality instantly, with one click of a button. Being the only one who knows exactly what is in my mind, I have become part of my own masterpieces; to fulfill my imagination.

Keep an eye out as Loreal’s work finds it’s footing the photo art world.

“Magic of Lights”
Exhibition – Selected work
 Image city photography Gallery | Rochester| NY

Crescent Face

Crescent Face


This is a truly dramatic, intimate portrait of a young lady, using strong side lighting to illuminate one side of her face in a crescent-like shape, which is so aptly captured in the title of the print. This attractive shape is furthermore emphasized by the soft touches of light on her hair, and especially with the bold curves of the necklace that she is wearing. One is immediately struck and captivated by the haunting and deeply penetrating expression she portrays. The look in her eye, so beautifully captured by the photographer with the use of dramatic lighting, is one of inquisitiveness, of power, of tenderness, reaching out for all to embrace, perhaps challenge, but certainly to love and cherish. This is certainly a very moving image of a beautiful young lady, intensely and lovingly captured by the author, who obviously knows and understands her subject extremely well.

Featuring Loreal Prystaj
February 2014
Guest Speaker for Bushwick Art Crit.