­­Between the Cracks
Byrdcliffe, Catskills­– 2014  

It is natural to interact in some way, shape, or form with people every day–may it be a simple hello, a subtle gesture, or an in-depth conversation. We are hardwired as interactive beings, but what if the people we interact with were stripped away?

Have you ever been isolated? What would it feel like? Would you feel trapped? Liberated? Lost? Alone?

This series narrates the interaction between nature, environment, and self. Solely confined to a vacant cabin in the Catskill Mountains and craving interaction, I discovered personality in the inanimate. Adapting to converse with my surroundings, I witnessed myself metamorphosing into a part of the empty rooms, rusted door knobs, and dried up flower pots.

Passing time seemed impossible while observing time passing so visibly through the constant change in light and shadow. It is in moments of isolation that reality and imagination converge, and what often times falls between the cracks can be seen.