Loreal Prystaj (b.1990, New York) is a visual artist based in London, and presently attending the Royal College of Art to obtain her MA in Photography. Her work focuses on the subconscious and inherited psyche. Through performance and the act of ‘playing’, Prystaj transforms once familiar spaces into surreal mise en scène, that through psychoanalysis, highlights the connection between the physical environment and the internal states past and present.  She expresses these ideas through photography, collecting, installation, and sculptural interpretation.


In this present Zeitgeist of “girl power” I am trying to understand where women’s new found liberation really lies. We only know what we have experienced and have been taught – To break a chain one must first examine it and distinguish some sort of personal truth between what is fed culturally to us and what is felt internally to be right.  I want to stop this pattern of taught performance and break the chain of a long-line of inherited conditioning. By destabilizing normality I attempt to free myself and next generations from the restrictions constraining women in penance for their greatest gift– life.


on a Rock